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Why do you need a EGR Dust Defender kit?

The EGR Dust Defender is the most advanced Dust Defence Kit on the market for your ute.

Engineered to specifically combat any dust or water entering through the large gapping around your tailgate opening, the EGR Dust Defender is robust and hard-wearing.

Our unique installation process and materials is the best defence in keeping your tub dry and dust free, letting you travel freely without any hesitation.


Requires trimming of Tub Liner for fitment.
Fitment with 'spray on' liners will affect fitment of this product.
This product requires a metal to metal application (the kit against your tub). Liners need to be trimmed back to allow this contact - and spray liners may not be able to easily be trimmed.
Removal of other items fitted to the top of your tub is also recommended when fitting this product (remove Canopy/Hard Lid/Rollcover - fit the dust kit, then re-fit the Canopy/Hard Lid/EGR RollTrac - as it's easier to trim your ute liner by removing it completely, then re-fitting it inside your Tub)


Combat dust & water
Superior seal


I am concerned that if I install an EGR Dust Defender that my fridge draw slide will no longer operate. Will this be an issue?
The EGR Dust Defender once installed is roughly 24.5mm high. This is normally lower than the ribs inside the tailgate which means the draw slide sits higher. If you are still concerned we recommend placing a thin rubber mat under your draw slider to raise the height by a few millimetres. This also gives an extra layer of protection for your vehicle's tub.

I have a Tubliner, is the EGR Dust Defender compatible?
Yes, with conditions.
The EGR Dust Defender requires metal on metal contact in order for the seal to work. If you have a clip in a plastic Tub Liner it will require trimming (explains how with our fitting instructions). If you have a spray on Ute Liner you would need to remove the Tubliner in the areas required

Since installing my EGR Dust Defender I have noticed my tailgate is harder to open and close. Is this normal?
Yes. In order to get the dust out the seal must have pressure up against the tailgate. This is to ensure the tightest seal is made to ensure minimal dust can get in.

Will the EGR Dust Defender work if I do not modify the Tubliner?
The EGR Dust Defender is engineered to suit each vehicle tub based on no Tub Liner. If the Tubliner is not trimmed this can result in the parts not fitting correctly during installation. As the EGR Dust Defender also requires metal on metal contact to form the best seal it can. Tub Liners are a textured surface which has seam divots, meaning that seal will be less effective and this is not recommended.