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EOFY SALE ON NOW!!! ENDS 30/06/2024
EOFY SALE ON NOW!!! ENDS 30/06/2024


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Do you have gear you want/need to mount on the roof. Well have no fear Offroad Animal has you covered.

The Wk2 Grand Cherokee has an interesting roof set up. Jeep put these 12 threaded buttons (6 per side) on the roof. Nice right. Well almost. First of all they used the front and back ones to hold the fancy channels used to take roof bars, then are held down via the 4 in the middle. Biggest problem is they are located on a section the the roof that can't really take much weight at all. Hence why Jeep gave the roof some crappy load rating. This is because if you put more load up there you're going to damage your roof.

Then we have some ROOF RACK manufacturers (not Offroad Animal) who mount their ROOF RACK directly onto these buttons. Tsk Tsk, bad choice. Say hello damaged roof if you put anymore weight up there (don't forget to add the weight of the ROOF RACK too.)

Offroad Animal has a cool system that ups the roof loading to 120kg dynamic (driving) and 240kg static (sitting still.) Offroad Animal manufacture these super slim rails that push the load to a strong part of the roof (join of Roof and sides). Not only that but they use the rolled steel rail to join all 6 roof buttons per side for one strong system. So just like that you can up your roof loading to 120kg. Nice right. We think so.

Here is a picture of a damaged roof button from putting to much weight on the factory system.



  • Carry lots of gear on your roof
  • Slim line style as to not impede too much on overall height
  • Largest carrying area of all competitors 1835mm x 1235mm
  • Light weight rack fully made from Aluminium only weighs 22kg, 29kg including steel rails
  • Easy mounting of accessories with square cut outs in slats allow for cup head bolt so only one tool required
  • Lots of cut outs for easy hooking on of straps. No need to fiddle with eye bolts if you don't want to.
  • Easy to install with no drilling
  • Great place to mount Roof top tents and awnings
  • Will not damage your roof like some competitor racks


  • Rated to 120kg dynamic and 240kg static (rated by independent tester)
  • Steel components are Zinc plated then powder coated matte black
  • Aluminium components are chromate coated then powder coated matte black
  • Wind deflector standard for minimal wind noise
  • Works with all sun roofs
  • Only adds 125mm to roof height.
  • Easy to bolt together setup with basic hand tools
  • Works around shark fit antenna and not over it so no impedance on reception.
  • Optional Max Trax brackets available
  • Optional Awning Mount brackets available
  • Optional Tyre carrier available
  • Fits most aftermarket shovel, axe or high lift jack mounts.

This rack fits all Wk2 Grand Cherokees 2011-2019, unless you have one of these raw odd ones with out roof buttons

Whats included in the box

  • 1 x ROOF RACK side LH
  • 1 x ROOF RACK side RH
  • 5 x ROOF RACK panels
  • 1 x Wind deflector
  • 1 x LH rear panel
  • 1 x RH rear panel
  • 1 x Wind deflector Brace
  • 1 x Rear joiner
  • 1 x LH roof mount
  • 1 x RH roof mount
  • 3m of Pinch weld black rubber
  • 2 x logo plates
  • Hardware as required (nuts and bolts)


Fitting time 2 hours

Fitting difficulty 3/10

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