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EOFY SALE ON NOW!!! ENDS 30/06/2024
EOFY SALE ON NOW!!! ENDS 30/06/2024


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The Standard Load-Lid (no sports bar) for the 2020+ Mazda BT-50 is the ultimate workhorse solution. Rated to 200kg so you can take more gear on adventures. Compatible with Utemaster's huge range of hard lid accessories so you can get more work done faster.


What is a Ute Hard Lid?

A Ute Hard Lid is typically constructed from plastic or fibreglass and is designed to cover the items in your tub. Although there are some strengths to a Hard Lid there are also some major weaknesses which is why we have developed the Utemaster Load-Lid™.

What is the Load-Lid?

The Utemaster Load-Lid™ is the world's toughest, most customisable Ute Hard Lid. Built to handle the most demanding missions. Constructed with lightweight aluminium this is no ordinary Tonneau Tub Cover. This is a Hard Lid that adds style, appeal and convenience to modern-day utes.

The Load-Lid™ will enhance the practicality of your tub area. Your belongings will be safe and dry underneath the lid. Whether it be a weekend trip away with the family or a full-on day at the job site, the Utemaster Load-Lid™ will unleash your utes potential. Read on to find out why the Load-Lid™ is the best Hard Lid on the market.


Load Rated to 200kgs!

The Utemaster Load-Lid™ doubles the load capacity with a 200kg load rating.

Having to tow trailer or load gear onto your ROOF RACKs so you can get all your tools and equipment to the job site? Leaving behind bikes or other adventure gear because it won't fit in your ute?

All Utemaster's load ratings are tested to AS 1235-2000 ROOF RACK standards.

Utemaster Load Lid Built Tough for adventure Hard Lid Tonneau Cover 4x4 Overland

Aluminium Construction

The 3mm hardwearing aluminium treadplate construction means that you don’t have to worry about damaging your precious hardtop! Whether you have a dirty wheelbarrow, lawnmower, ladder, pallet, kayak or mountain bike, the Load-Lid™ will work for you. Rust-free full aluminium construction.

Utemaster Load Lid Oasis Black Aluminium

Get more work done, enjoy life's adventures!

Unleash your Utes load-carrying capacity with the world's most customisable ute hard lid by Utemaster. Our large range of accessories will allow you to get more work done faster, so you can enjoy life's adventures!


Each lid is supplied with a unique set of keys designed to work with your lid. This means you can securely lock away items in your tub.

Design Registration PCT/NZ2019/050078
How do I lock my Utemaster Load Lid Slam Lock Twist Secure Tub Cover

Optional Central Locking

Hard Lid Central Locking kit allows you to lock your Load-Lid with the factory Vehicle Remote. The Central Locking kit comes complete with a plug and play loom.

Part# LL-CLK

Please note: Your lid can be locked manually using the supplied key.

Heavy Duty Finish

The 3mm hardwearing aluminium treadplate construction means that you don’t have to worry about damaging your precious hard top! Whether you have a dirty wheelbarrow, lawnmower, ladder, pallet, kayak or mountain bike, the Load-Lid™ will work for you.
The Load-Lid™ comes standard coated in a teflon-based matte black Powdercoat.

Utemaster Load Lid Hard Lid Heavy Load Durable Lid

Raised Profile

Running out of space in your tub? With the Load-Lid™ there are no intrusions below the top edge of your tub. The unique raised edge profile also adds a staunch appearance, improves rigidity and reduces water pooling.

Utemaster Load Lid Rasied Profile Oasis Black

Water Displacement

A complete automotive bulb seal provides a positive seal against the top of your tub. When the Load-Lid™ is opened water runs off the back of your lid and onto the ground - not into your tub, protecting the tools and equipment you have in your tub.

Utemaster Load Lid Hard Lid Water Running Off v2

Full-Length Rain Channel

This is an innovative feature developed to ensure your gear stays dry even when hitting the Sports Bar Lid at high speeds.

The channels re-direct the water hitting the front of the Load-Lid™ along the sides and off the back - Keeping your gear dry.

Utemaster Load Lid Hard Lid Full Length Rain Channel

Very Easy to Remove, and Refit!

The Load-Lid™ can easily be removed by undoing the x4 wing bolts holding it in place. This can be done in a matter of minutes and all you'll need is a mate to help lift it off.

This gives you the space you'll need to carry objects such as a fridge, washing machine or quad bike in your wellside. Re-fitting the Load-Lid™ is also very simple as shown in this video.

Please note, installation instructions may differ slightly depending on vehicle model and Load-Lid type.

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