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EOFY SALE ON NOW!!! ENDS 30/06/2024
EOFY SALE ON NOW!!! ENDS 30/06/2024


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It's muscular, handsome and very useful!

Constructed from pressed aluminium, the Destroyer Side Rails give your ute a sophisticated, sleek look and a massive leap forward in functionality.

The Destroyer Side Rails come in two variants:

  • to suit Standard Load Lid
  • to suit Sports Bar Load Lid

*Ensure you select the correct variant for your load lid. If you are unsure, please contact us to verify your requirements

How tough is it?

200kg Load Rating!

If you look at it from the back you can immediately tell that this rail isn't going anywhere. The 60mm wide profile speaks nothing other than tough! Constructed from a hybrid of pressed aluminium and extrusion bolted directly to the lid, you can trust this rail to secure the heaviest of loads.

Fourteen Tie-Down Points

Why Fourteen? When your loading gear on your lid the last thing you want is to have the strap slide along the side rail, it is essential that your gear is firmly strapped down so it does not come loose. Using the hex-shaped tie-down points you can be sure your straps will sit firmly in place by crisscrossing between the seven hex cutouts on each side.

The cut-outs are also particularly useful if you are using straps with hooks. Please note, the Destroyer Side Rails to suit Sports Bars can have less or more cut-outs depending on the length of the lid.

Featuring a built-in T-Track

The built-in T-Track is designed to give you as much freedom as possible when it comes to securing your load. It is compatible with all the major ROOF RACK accessory brands, meaning you can install shovel mounting brackets, rod holders, cross bars and much more directly to the rail!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) What are the Destroyer Side Rails rated to?

A.) The Destroyer Side Rails are rated to 200kg.

Q.) Will they work with my existing sports bars?

A.) Yes! We have a model-specific version that is designed go around your existing sports bars. See the images featured above.

Q.) Can I mount accessories to the T-Track?

A.) Yes, the Destroyer Side Rail features a built in T-Track that allows you to mount crossbars, shovel holders and anything else that would fit into a standard T-Track.

Please be advised:

The destroyer rails will only fit onto a Utemaster Loadlid and installation requires removal of the Lid, positioning of the destroyer rails and drilling into the lid.This is a non-refundable item once the order is processed.

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